Ever been to a listing presentation that you thought was going really well — until you got to the price and the seller whipped out a massive spreadsheet?  Getting caught off guard by an analytical seller is a horrifying moment and one that usually sends you out the door without a signed listing agreement.  After an experience like that, agents can lose their confidence and become afraid to go out on listing appointments.  What if the seller asks you more questions you don’t know about the price?  As we always say, “Knowledge equals confidence and ignorance equals fear.”  How do you become more knowledgable about pricing so you look like a rockstar every time?

On todays show, Realtor and Founder of Focus1st, Tim DeLeon, shares the Visual Pricing System he created after over 25 years in the research and development sector for Hewlett Packard.  With his prowess for analytics and a strong desire to better himself as an agent, his Visual Pricing System turns the normal approach of ‘telling’ a seller their price into ‘showing’ a seller a pricing strategy that is backed by hard core numbers and data that they can see!  No longer are you having to try to convince them of your pricing ‘opinion!’ The seller now sees easy to read and comprehend charts on where their property falls on the pricing scale and what the price and marketing process is going to look like for them.

Using the Visual Pricing System, agents in over 400 MLS areas throughout the United States and Canada, are overcoming tough pricing objections at the listing table and even seeing sellers close themselves on a lower price or a reduction with the power of the visuals.  Pricing a property accurately from the outset takes the stress, hassle and frustration out of process for both you and the seller!  Listen to our guest share actual experiences with buyers and sellers of how the system really works!

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