While many around the country are starting to experience the spring thaw, there are still plenty of agents feeling like the spring market will never come!  Surrounded by snow, ice, and rain, contracts and commissions can start to be elusive.  Or are they?  If you’re feeling like there’s been a slow to your Mojo and you’re wondering how to get back to where you were 60 to 90 days ago, listen up!  Even if you’re lucky enough to live in an ‘eternal summer’ market, these points still apply to you!  And if you’re already having a fantastic year?  Hold up!  The absolute worst thing you could do is to get too comfortable and stop what you were doing 60 to 90 days ago that got you there!  We have a 5 step plan to step into spring where the only cold thing you’ll have to deal with is cold, hard cash!

  1. Check your winter mindset.  Are you saying things like “No one buys homes in the winter.  No one is out there in the snow/cold/ice/rain etc.”  Check your facts!  Go straight to your MLS and check out the number of pending and closed transactions that happened in the last 60 days.  How many of those had your name on them?  Maybe its just your perception that nobody is buying or selling, when the reality is that your mindset put you in a place that kept you from seeing what was right in front of you! Of course there’s still deals going on!  Decide how many of those deals you’re going to be part of in the next 60 to 90 days…
  2. Use your ‘shut-in’ time to connect with past clients and COI. If you really are in one of those places that winter takes its sweet little time to depart, use those days that you’re snowed in and reconnect with those people on your list.  After all, if you’re home and they live in and around your town, chances are they are home too!  If you live in sunnier conditions, there’s still times when you’re stuck home with sicks kids or car problems.  Don’t waste time and opportunities just because you’re not in your office!

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