Becoming a powerful listing agent isn’t difficult, but it does require the highest level of skill. Working with buyers is physical labor, but working with seller is mental labor.  If a 50% ratio is a failing score on a test, it’s also a big fat fail when it comes to taking listings. Losing half the time will not put you on the path to being a top producer in real estate. Why did you lose? We’ll talk about the 10 most common reasons why agents walk out the door without the listing signed…

First, let’s understand why this is so critical.  Listing agents make more money, have more solid business and more free time than buyer’s agents.  The more listings you have, the more security you’ll have mentally, emotionally and financially.  It’s also the highest-paid part of your job!  Not becoming great at this is a liability to your career.  Make the commitment to learn the most important part of your job as a real estate professional.

  1. You assumed the listing was your and were lazy in your presentation.  You took the business for granted.  This show itself in several different kinds of mistakes; showing up late, ‘winging it,’ not prequalifying or being careful with the price.  Other mistakes are rescheduling or not looking or sounding your very best!
  2. You didn’t know you were competing for the listing.  Eee gads!  This one is enough to make you toss your cookies at the table and it really stinks to get caught off guard like this.  This can be traced back to not prequalifying.  If you had, you would have asked the question and known where to place yourself in the lineup!
  3. You didn’t know what price the seller had in mind before you showed up.  Can you say embarrassing?  Especially when they show you the private sale comps that you didn’t come to the table with.

Have any of these happened to you?  Put a stop to it now!  Listen to todays podcast as we pull apart every excuse you’ve had for not taking the listing and show you how to get that signature (if you want it) every time!

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