Do you consider yourself a brilliant closer? If yes, become even more brilliant and add one or two of these qualities to your repertoire. If no, embrace several of these qualities and you’ll be amazed at how quickly brilliance will come to you.

  1. Brilliant closers have enormous humility. They know they are NOT going to be at the top of the leader board forever…that explains their humility. Brilliant closers don’t brag, they don’t tear down other people and they do NOT think they are the best. Closers aspire to train junior people and to become a leader.
  2. They get that relationships are EVERYTHING in sales. They get that people buy from people we/they like. They get that relationships are built upon the foundation of respect, openness and rapport…and they get that this foundation leads to trust. Once someone trusts you, you get her/his business.
  3. Brilliant closers revere referrals. Referrals come from doing a good job, from delivering what you say you’ll deliver, from over-delivering more value than what is “normally” expected.
  4. Closers go “all in” on social media. They know that everyone goggles everyone and that their social media profile needs to include professionally written content about themselves within the industry, vision, reviews, and references that warms prospects to them from the get go.
  5. Brilliant closers make complex real estate transactions simple. Apple is the perfect example of taking a complex product and making it simple. NO acronyms, no jargon…just step-by-step, less is more doing and communicating.
  6. Closers tailor everything they do to their audience, whomever their audience is at any particular point in time. They offer their audience two or three take-aways…no more, no less.
  7. Brilliant closers capture their clients’ attention by LISTENING to their clients.
  8. They focus on being present, all in, committed to their clients’ needs. Brilliant closers tailor their actions to their clients’ needs.
  9. Closers make actual decisions every day. Closers choose to be efficient every day.
  10. Brilliant closers know that if they can help their clients, they help their clients quickly. They utilize deadlines, self-imposed deadlines, to help their clients.
  11. Closers know that humility and kindness and humbleness counteract their egos.
  12. And, brilliant closers use discipline to their advantage…their discipline to make phone calls, write emails, prospect…every day, even when they don’t want to.