Two huge thank you’s to Tim and Julie Harris and Harris Real Estate Coaching from Terisa Messiner and Laura Barbara.

Laura Barbara is a total newbie with Harris Real Estate Coaching. Check out this chronological progression:

  • 3/18/18 -Laura discovered the Real Estate Coaching podcast
  • Spring Break, 2028 – read Harris Rules and discovered her magic number of listings is 4
  • End of April – Laura joined Harris Real Estate Coaching
  • 5/3/18 – Laura started the 90 Massive Action Plan
  • 6/1/18 – Laura signed a listing agreement for an expired listing ($859,000)
  • 6/2/18 – Laura had a listing appointment for another expired listing on the same day she hosted an open house from a referral she generated “because I asked for the referral.”)

Laura closed her email to Tim and Julie Harris on June 3 by saying, “Doing what I don’t want to do when I don’t want to do it is FUN and EXCITING. Thank you so much, Tim and Julie, for changing my life!”

Terisa Messiner wrote specifically to Julie about knowing and speaking with other people who work with real estate coaches. “Do those real estate coaches call their clients on Friday night to help their clients with their concerns?” Terisa asked. “No!” But, (in caps) “OUR COACH, JULIE, DOES THIS!”

Terisa asked, “Are we (Harris Real Estate Coaching clients) getting our money’s worth?” Again in caps, Terisa wrote, “ABSOLUTELY!)

Terisa thinks that Julie is an example of “what we should all aspire to be…service to others is always a great goal! Thanks, Julie Harris. You are more than a coach. You are a mentor and I am so thankful to have found your company!”

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