Being rich is about more than just having money – it involves a mindset of success that helps propel you forward, and encourages you to you to protect what you’ve already achieved. Do you have what it takes to be truly successful?

Take this quick 5-question test on today’s show & find out. Maybe you’re missing something that will make the difference between being rich & simply dreaming:

1) Do you have external accountability..someone hold you accountable to doing what you don’t want to do when you don’t want to do it at the highest level?
-Do you respond to that accountability or do you dodge it?

Fact: Most everyone hates accountability but RICH successful people thrive from it.

Fact: Hack your daily accountablility. Have an AM schedule that includes reporting in to your accountability partner, coach, etc. Schedule your day so you have 3-5 HAVE-TO’S vs want tos. Example, contacts, working out at a specific time or you lose money etc

Have a built in punishment if you are NOT accountable.

2) Do you hold yourself to RIGID daily minimum standards?
– scedhdule
– Number of contacts
– Working out,
– Thank you cards / showing appreciation
– Appointments set

3) Do you look for things to challenge your personal and professional dogma our are you on autopilot?

– Be a Constant learner.
– Reading. 86% of Americans never read a book after they graduate high school.
– Rich people force themselves to listen to, read opposing perspectives.
– Rich people keep metal sharpness by operating like their current mode of operation is outdated. They assume they need to be upgrading and updating all the time.
– How objective (free of ego) are you about the things you are 1000% resolute about?

4) Are you media FREE?
– Be a republicrat, especially online.
– no social causes.
– no virtue signaling.
– No news.
– no media that is designed to make you feel FOR something or against another.

5) Do you control your Mind, Body and Wallet?
– Are you monitoring what you put into all 3?
-Are you disciplined in your savings plan as we have previously outlined with a minimum of 10% from each check going to savings?

Secret: Fiscal and Physical discipline go hand in hand. Work on your body and the rest falls into place more easily? Why? Accountability and discipline overlay all that you do in life.


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