Fact: Becoming a successful listing agent is the most challenging, most skill-based, highest-paid part of your job.  Not becoming great at this is a liability to your career!  If you’re hit and miss at closing those listing presentations, we’re here to tell you WHY and what you can you to turn that around before the end of the business day is done!

Yesterday, we began by laying the groundwork with facts on what you need to know about taking listings and the big myth that somehow taking only 50% of the listing appointments you go on is Okay!  What?  It’s time to stop accepting failure and start fighting back with actions that will have the seller ready for the signature!

We pick up Part 2 of our podcast series with these next four points:

4. You didn’t know the competition or the neighborhood well enough to speak with authority.  This is another one of those moments when you just want to crawl under the sellers dining room table, right?  Listen to the rest of the podcast to hear our secret weapon in combatting that!  

5. You were rigid with your commission and/or pricing.  That old script that says “No.  Any other questions?”  Yeah…you might just want to say NO to that and have a real, effective script – and one that honors the prospects specific situation that may include multiple deals!

6. You used a canned presentation instead of asking what the seller needs and presenting that.  Ever thought about asking the seller what they care about? It’s not all about you!

7. You showed up late. Adopt this phrase: If you’re not early, you’re late.  Like it or not, you are being judged on this fine detail.

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of getting into action with these points!  So many agents are trying to complicate the process when its really all about ‘learn while you earn.’  Listen to the full podcast today and walk away with practical, tactical ideas for securing your next listing!

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