You had high hopes!  That listing was yours! And then, it wasn’t.  What happened? When losing the listing leaves you with questions, we have the answers.  In the conclusion to our 3-part series on why you didn’t get the listing, we’ll wrap up our final points and share bonus secrets with you that will shine the light on what you’ve been missing and give you action steps to get the listing signed NOW!

Here’s a quick look at our final points…

8. You didn’t use a pre-listing package.  You probably think you do use one.  Most agents think the two-pocket folder with the company flyers and home brochures counts as a pre-listing packet, but it doesn’t.  With the proper pre-listing package, you’re pretty much inviting the seller to hit you with every objection in the book!  Listen to the podcast to learn why some packages are better than others!

9. You didn’t close at all.  Ah…the all-too familiar walk of shame, out the door, with you waving to the seller while proclaiming “Ok! I’ll follow up with you in a few days.”  What just happened?  We’ll help you understand why that doesn’t work and the message you’re giving the seller when you do that.

10. You over-did the pre-qualifying and talked yourself out of the listing appointment.  This one can seem justified.  After all, you’re only protecting your valuable time, right?  Wrong!  When agents do this, they’re often just afraid to fail.  It’s easier to find a dozen reasons why it won’t work than be prepared, take a shot and risk losing, right?

Fact: You don’t have to be perfect at everything to be a successful listing agent, but you do have to be perfect about some things.  Find out what they are on todays podcast!

So check out todays entire episode and don’t miss a single secret on how to turn yourself into a powerful listing agent!

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