Renovation Reality: Going Off-Site and Interactive, YOU Choose the Finishes!

We’re back with Episode 10 of Renovation Reality, hosted by Atlanta real estate expert, Collette McDonald.  Last week, when we left our Brookhaven renovation, contractor John St. Martin and his crew used 3,800-pound lifts to put 1,860-pound beams in place.

In this week’s installation, we see the progress that continues at the renovation. This week, Collette details some key changes in the home. Vents and HVAC duct work have been completed and plumbers and waterproofers also have been on site.

The biggest change in the house this week has been in installation of the windows. The homeowner has decided to upgrade all of the windows, which as we know can help boost the return on investment. You’ll want to check it out.  They selected windows that have a contemporary style and offer an unobstructed view. It also allows light to shine into the home.

Collette also takes us on a field trip to the stone yard. When you make your own trip, you can be prepared with some key tips from Collette. She offers some ideas to help you pick out the material that is right for you.

After the field trip, the owner narrowed the selection to two choices. Quartz? Marble?  Rather than make the decision themselves, Collette notes that they want you to make the choice.

You will want to check out the video to find out how you can take part in the renovation and offer your input.

We also end up back in the master bathroom. It has been the source of frustration for contractors and there is snafu with drain location. You also will want to see how other challenges arise.

Be sure to check out this week’s Renovation Reality video and find out how you can vote for quartz or marble. Watch the video through to the very end to find out about dealing with challenges in your renovation.

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