Everyone needs to get themselves and keep themselves in shape physically.  You’ll feel better, look better and have more energy and confidence to perform at your highest levels.

As in all business, unfortunately, some fitness trends, tips, services and products do not deliver on helping you execute your fitness goals on a consistent basis.  Jessica Crandall, a registered dietician and certified fitness instructor in Denver, CO, has put together a list of some trends, tips, services and products to either flat out avoid or be leery about:


  1. Aqua Spinning – Submerging a bike into water to get the benefits of both water resistance and spinning sounds pretty great, right?  The problem…this is a site specific, complicated workout that’s almost impossible to do outside of a class and/or outside unless you have a pool and the equipment required to “keep” the bike submerged in water.
  2. YouTube Training – Who’s to say that the person training you on YouTube is credentialed, has references and/or even knows what she/he is doing.  Is this person “fake news” when it comes to fitness?
  3. Infomercial Fitness – You’ve seen the TV and magazine ads…a completely buffed, tanned, “abed” and muscled up dreamboat standing next to or working some fitness product saying that “This could be YOU!”  Chances are that dreamboat doesn’t even use the product and it’s taken said dreamboat years of grueling exercise and diet to get that way.
  4. Cardio Bunnies – It turns out that high intensity interval training (30 – 60 second repeated spurts of high output levels in running, spinning, swimming, etc.) is more beneficial and easier to tolerate than longer, slower exercise programs.
  5. Two A Days – Two A Day workouts are simply too risky when it comes to injuries.  Bodies, and minds, need appropriate rest to avoid injury and to allow muscles to repair.
  6. Superheavy Weight Lifting – It might sound great to say that you can lift 100 lbs. overhead but, in reality, it makes no sense unless you’re planning on participating in some weight lifting competition.  The risk of injury is simply too great.  Additionally, functional fitness training better supports how a body actually moves in real life.
  7. Excessive, Unscientific Gear – Fitness trackers, shoes that ‘tone’ your calves, belly wraps that reduce your waist, but have no science to back them up.  Just say No!
  8. Anything You’re Doing For the Wrong Reasons – Peer pressure, a bet with your sister, outlandish promises, etc. may sound like good reasons to begin a fitness or diet program.  The problem is that those reasons aren’t enough to keep you committed to a fitness or diet program for the long haul.

Choose a fitness program based upon what you like to do after clearing it with your doctor. If you like to run, run.  If you like to swim or cycle, swim or cycle. Whatever activity you choose, make sure it’s accessible and that it’s easy to stick with.  And, if/when you decide to work with a trainer to help you set up and achieve your goals, choose a trainer who is credentialed, certified, experienced and who develops a fitness program that is specific to your needs and goals.

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