Key Highlights

  • Selling homeowners in Q1 2021 had average tenure of 7.94 years
  • Tenure down from high of 8.17 years in Q4 2020 but up from 7.7 years in Q1 2020

ATTOM’s Q1 2021 Home Sales Report Covers Profit Margins, Prices and Home Tenure

ATTOM Data Solutions’2021 Home Sales Report covers three major topics:  profit margins, price increases and decreases and home tenure.

As we wrote last week, ATTOM’s Q1 2021 Home Sales Report indicated that profit margins across the country increased to 34.2% in Q1 2021.  Metros with the biggest annual increases in profit margins included Knoxville TN, Nashville TN, Boise ID, Crestview-Fort Walton Beach FL and Chattanooga TN

Median home prices increased during Q1 2021 in 97% of the metros ATTOM analyzed despite the COVID pandemic. Metros with the biggest home price jumps included Crestview-Walton Beach FL, East Stroudsburg PA, Montgomery AL, Ocean City NJ and Mobile AL.

Home Tenure Data

ATTOM’s Q1 2021 Home Sales Report indicated that homeowners who sold their homes in Q1 2021 had owned their homes an average of 7.94 years.  The highest home tenure during all the 2020’s was 8.17 years in Q4 2020.

This tenure of 7.94 years was up from 7.7 years in Q1 2020.

The Q1 2021 Home Sales Report indicated that the 25 longest average tenures among sellers were all on the east or west coasts.

The smallest homeownership tenures during Q1 2021 were in Crestview-Fort Walton Beach FL at 5.62 years; San Antonio TX at 5.65 years, Panama City FL at 5.66 years, Pensacola FL at 5.92 years and Punta Gorda FL at 6.14 years.

Metros with Largest Increase in Home Tenure

ATTOM’s Q1 2021 Home Sales Report indicated that 61% of metros saw increases in average home tenure.  Metros with the biggest jumps included:

  • Manchester NH – +25%
  • Madera CA – +15%
  • Atlantic City NJ – +12%
  • Stockton CA – +12 %
  • Cleveland OH – +9%


Thanks to ATTOM Data Solutions.

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