In real estate, the practical business to do’s and mindset go hand in hand.  Life is always going to happen; around you and to you.  You won’t always be in control of the circumstances, but you can choose your response.  Your response will determine how well you are able to continue providing for your family’s well-being and goals.  That’s why its important to acknowledge the mindset issues, but not allow them to dominate at the expense of your income.

For some, negative thinking typically rears its ugly head when faced with problems or rejections. For others, negative thinking is a chronic issue and overtakes every aspect of their lives, never leaving room for growth or a persona that others want to be around. If this is you, that very fact should cause you to sit up and realize that if you don’t have the business you want, your negative thinking could be alienating others from working with you!

How can you say NO to negative thinking and give it a swift kick to the curb?  First, you must accept that you are someone who is challenged by negative thinking.  Denying it won’t make it any easier to overcome.  In fact, it will only keep you stuck!  Next, ask yourself if you’re willing to commit to making this change.  If you can’t make the decision to change, you’re not ready yet.  There’s a saying that goes, “You have to be willing to be willing.”  Are you?  This is an important ingredient.  Are you willing to take actions that would facilitate this change?

You have to be able to identify negative thinking.  If you’ve been stuck in negativity for a long time, this could be difficult.  For you, it’s become a habit to think negatively in and of every situation you encounter, whether business or personal.

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