Key Highlights

  • New design trends based on necessity and circumstance in new normal
  • From small tweaks to major re-dos, homeowners looking to make interiors feel like home, office and holiday all under one roof

Now that everything (living, working, learning, exercising, eating/cooking, streaming, creating and all else one can imagine) has moved inside the home, our home and our home’s design and interior spaces need to become multi-functional. A multifunctional home is the name of the game in 2021.

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According to Oliver Deadman, design and product manager for Clive Christian Furniture in London, “No longer is the home a sacred space where one simply relaxes and unwinds, now a home must work in a multifunctional way, allowing our whole life to take place within its four walls.”

Kitchens must be functional as well as welcoming in order to cook for our families and entertain our friends. Beautifully decorative screens (from fabrics to mirrors to textured metals) can create rooms within rooms and layers of privacy without completely closing off a space.

The home office is evolving into a statement office space. No longer working occasionally from the kitchen counter/ table or a nook in a room, some full-fledged office spaces have multiple workstations, hidden storage, full streaming capacities for video conferencing and ambient lighting with libraries/gallery settings to create calming, thoughtful moods. Other repurposed/reconfigured spaces integrate high-functioning office areas into existing home designs, retractable desks and even portable office “kits” (mobile desks on casters with filing units and laptop storage along with cable management and mobile screens) that that can “move” out of the way when needed.

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Zoom stages are now common along with backdrop production items such as soft lighting, a bit of greenery, well-hung artwork and an occasional object for visual interest without being chaotic.

Laid-back living is an offshoot of more informal working and home entertaining. Organic materials, natural woods, unfinished stone and industrial metals signal comfort-ability and functionality. Foundational neutrals such as ivory and touches of beige, burnt orange, mustard and rust are taking hold, according to Charu Ghandi, founder and director of London-based Elicyon interior design.

“In good design there’s a harmonious dialogue between the exterior environment and the interior space,” said Jeffrey Beers of Jeffrey Beers International in New York. Biophile design, design that connects the interior of the home to nature, has become increasingly popular and needed as people have felt “locked up” inside their interior spaces throughout pandemic lockdowns. People want to blend the inside with the outside as access to natural light is much more appreciated now.

According to Julian Buckner, CEO of Vesta in California and Fort Lauderdale, “People are looking to maximize their outdoor spaces with dedicated areas for dining, working, lounging and entertaining. (All of it) must evoke the same design language as the interior of the home and be just as comfortable.”

Lastly, people are wanting to make rooms amid open design spaces for more privacy and less noise without compromising the feeling of expansiveness. Deadman of Clive Christian Furniture said, “The idea of traveling to different rooms in the home – where different aspects of you life can take place – is reminiscent of physically traveling in our ‘normal’ lives – to the office, out for dinner, to the theater. And so now we want to reflect these journeys in our homes…while we may be stuck indoors for more time than we’re used to, it isn’t to say we can’t feel free and able to live like normal.”

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