Key Highlights

  • Always-connected smart home tech only becoming more necessary
  • Think streaming studios and high-speed connections
  • Think tech-assisted sanitization

High-speed, high-bandwidth internet connections are absolute must-haves. In fact, hardwired connections, the standard in professional settings, may overtake wireless connections that have recently blanketed our homes in Wi-Fi.

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It turns out that wireless routers can be disturbed or compromised by building materials and/or home designs.  You may be paying for 1GB of internet speed but only getting about 250MB, enough for most devices but maybe not enough to have optimal speed for multiple Zoom calls and e-learning when each member of a 4-person household is “on” simultaneously.

The only way to guarantee getting full download and upload speeds for which customers are paying is hardwire the internet connection into the home. This could be an expensive project if intrusive cable management is required to outfit the home for 1GB internet speed but some may think that not having 1GB speed is more costly when needed for simultaneous working and learning.

Another pandemic-related wish list item is smart home sanitation. Smart air filtration systems are certainly not new but due to COVID priorities of health and cleanliness, home air filtration systems may actually become popular in 2021. Products that can automatically detect air quality inside the home and can then begin to purify that air on-demand via app or voice control may be worth their weight in gold just for the peace of mind factor. Likely UV light-based cleaning devices such as Phone Soap that sanitizes phones, computers, etc. should also see increased demand. Also likely that UV light will be incorporated into other devices in order to clean things that have come from the outside world such as clothing or food.

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Lastly, installing touch-less technology to open doors and elevators in multi-family and/or communal buildings seems almost like a no-brainer for landlords and businesses.

After the nightmares of 2020, perhaps we’re at the tipping point concerning both the creations and the embrace of more smart home (and communal building) technology to keep us all safer and less exposed to easily transferable illness.

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