It’s easy to say that you’re happy, but are you truly happy?  What does real happiness look like?  Happiness isn’t just a state of mind, but a state of being, and that involves actions! It’s consciously observing and being proactively responsible for mistakes, decisions, sincerity and more.  Most importantly, genuine happiness is essential for a successful real estate career.  It will either drive you towards people, places and things that make you the best version of yourself or unhappiness will grab a hold of you and drag you down for the count!  Assess how many of these 25 traits you already embody and hear the secrets and actions to turning that frown upside down!

  1.  Happy people find the GOOD in any situation.  They are ‘glass is half full’ types on purpose.  Some are naturally this way, but most are consciously this way.  In other words, they CHOOSE to be positive.
  2. Happy people accept responsibility.  They do not blame their emotional state on others.  Happy people understand and embrace their power to create the desired outcome.  As a result of accepting responsibility, they are more pro-active.

  3. Happy people attract other positive relationships and actively avoid negative ones.  They are and attract ‘battery charges’ versus ‘battery drainers’.

  4. Happy people rarely complain and are repulsed by chronic whiners.  Complaining is like a magnifying glass over negative emotions, it only serves to make them worse.

  5. Happy people are not necessarily more talented or naturally skilled than everyone else.  They simply find ways to maximize what they ARE good at, and fill in the gaps with targeted education and skill building.  

For more help-you-be-happy traits, actions, and secrets, listen to our entire episode today! Decide how many of these you can change instantly and which ones you are going to start working on as you make the transition to real estate rockstar!

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