Key Highlights

  • Enliven your Zoom video chats with MmHmmm
  • App is virtual camera to be used with Zoom, Google Meet, You Tube and other streaming services
  • App remakes your room into a virtual stage

 When the COVID outbreak hit, Phil Libin, former CEO and champion of Evernote and founder of a digital studio called AllTurtles (obviously Libin likes kookie, catchy names), he, like everyone else, became a remote worker. And he, like everyone else, became bored with “so what” videoconferencing options.

“So what” led to what Libin calls a “personal video presence”…an app he named MmHmmm that promises to transform your video chats on Zoom or You Tube or Google Meet or whatever streaming service you use into something you and most everyone else will want to engage with.

Not only does MmHmm offer you a variety of still and animated virtual backgrounds when you use it with your streaming service of choice, it lets you (for fun or for business) move around slides, backgrounds, your face wherever you want on the screen. You can advance slides/images with a tap, create collaborative a presentation so you and someone else can manipulate images on the screen and MmHmmm lets you create interactive presentations. PLUS, a real bonus to your prospective buyer, the viewer can also click on slides, turn the speaker’s audio on and off, and pause the presentation to “zoom in” to something they want to see more closely.

Currently, MmHmmm is available only as an invite-only beta of masOS Catalina but with investor interest and backing by “angels” such as Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger (co-founders of Instagram), Biz Stone (Twitter co-founder) and $4.5M from the likes of Sequoia Capital, it won’t be long until MmHmmm will be available to mobile and Windows versions and the public at large.

If the world of remote work goes the way Silicon Valley-type folks think it’s going, if it hasn’t already, Libin is right in saying, “Everyone has to have a video presence now…we all have to do this now some of the time, forever.”

Might as well make your video presence worth remembering. Try MmHmmm when you can.


Thanks to theverge.

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