The Visual learning style is a commonly known theory that applies to many individuals; learning by seeing charts, graphs, pictures that cement the information you’re taking in. What if we told you that being visual was also a secret to being a success? We have never known, coached or interviewed a top producer in real estate who did NOT use some sort of visual tracking and accountability system for their business. By visual tracking we mean a few simple dry-erase white boards, hung up on the walls of your office.  In this industry, sporting white at the office is appropriate in every season!

You may be using a spreadsheet or some other online tracking system for your business and that’s ok because its helpful in other ways; your taxes, your office manager, even yourself.  But, remember the old saying ‘Out of sight, out of mind?’ Without your numbers and results staring right back at you day after day, you’re inevitably going to be out of touch with the things that make you money in real estate.

The white board system is a form of immediate accountability.  Everyone says they want accountability, but when push comes to shove, tracking and knowing their numbers is something that agents consistently fall short in. Knowing your leads, pending sales, closings, and ratios at all times is the mark of a true professional, rather than a hobbyist.

The white board is your daily reminder of who you are ‘becoming’ in real estate.  Are you a top producer with 15 hot leads at all times, no matter what?  If you look at your board and only a few lukewarm leads are there, you know exactly what you need to do in order to fill up that board.

Your white board accountability should directly match up with the goals you said you wanted for yourself.  Imagine looking at your goal/dream board on one wall and then looking across the room to your visual accountability white boards?  It’ll be clear to see if you’re on track.

What kind of white board setup are our top producers using?

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