Renovation Reality: From Problems to Progress (Finally!)

Welcome back to our web-series Renovation Reality with Harris Superstar, Collette McDonald. If you’ve been hanging out with us over the last few weeks, you recall that we had a few hiccups and things got a little ‘ho-hum’ (visually speaking) while contractors worked out the problems and challenges they found on our Brookhaven, Georgia home.  In Episode 7, things finally start taking shape and Collette has a lot to show off in this week’s walk through!

With any home renovation comes issues – the ones you can see and the ones you can’t! A perfect example of something you can sometimes see, but not realize the extent of the issue, is in the settling of a home.  What appears as innocuous cracks around doorways, over time, can be a problem that demands attention.  Collette reveals settling in this home of a full inch and what her contractors did to bring it back stronger than ever!

Remember that pesky pipe and exterior wall problem?  While not a violation in the 1960’s, the result of years of pressure from the pipe against the wood caused the wood to bow out and begin to fail – YIKES!  A picture paints a thousand words? In this case, it only reveals one word…WRONG!

We find another 1960’s snafu that contains both electrical and plumbing code violations! This one could have been a big mess.  Anyone else think that securing a 150 pound pipe with electrical wire is a good idea?  We didn’t think so!

Our final flashback contractor flub had to do with the kitchen floorboards and shows exactly why work permits must always be pulled when doing renovations.

Now, its onto the fun stuff!  You’ve been patiently waiting for some renovation ‘eye-candy’ and today is the day!  Watch the video in its entirety as Collette shows off the first stage of the new addition and be sure to check back next week for more renovation results!


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