“Don’t worry, be happy!”  Thanks to Bobby McFerrin, this made for a very catchy, world-wide hit song in 1988, but is it actually true?  If you don’t worry about anything, then you’ll be happy? Leave it to popular music to simplify major life issues! The truth is that real happiness requires being present and totally aware of both the actions you’re taking in your life, and the ones you’re not. We finish our series today with the final 5 traits of happy people and how you can become one of them!

20. Happy people are versatile and flexible. They embrace change instead of hide from it, and have the ability to successfully communicate with many different types of people in different situations, creating positive outcomes.  Feeling a bit un-flexible in business and life situations? Listen to the podcast for tips on how you can identify who you’re dealing with!

21. Happy people insulate themselves from soaking up the emotions of others. They are compassionate, but still able to protect their own emotional well-being.  It’s not a good sign if the client is sharing tissues with you over their latest home-buying or selling drama!  Learn how to be their “rock” and not be emotionally rolled over!

22. Happy people understand that conflict can lead to positive outcomes and shouldn’t be avoided.  We’ve all had that issue that we let drag on because we were afraid of a negative outcome.  Reframing conflict in your mind as moving towards a solution will shorten the time between conflict and resolution because you’ll be inspired to deal with it rather than letting it fester.

23. Happy people are not quick to judge, belittle or insult. This one seems obvious, but its surprising how easily we can all get caught up in this!  All it takes is one person in our life that constantly draws us into negativity about ourselves or others and it will quickly consume our ability to be happy.

24. Happy people seek out opportunities to give back versus always looking for a handout. Always put service first and fight a mindset of scarcity with the reality that there really IS enough for everyone to go around!

25. Happy people have the ability to ‘change channels.’ No, not the remote control, though you may need to change those television channels too to something more positive! Listen to the podcast for strategies on how to change your ‘life channels’ with ease!

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