If you’re like many agents today, you have buyers galore. Not only that, but they’re up against some stiff competition after losing out a time or two, the natives are getting restless. If you’re getting the vibe that you’re not exactly ‘agent of the year’ anymore in your buyers eyes, then listen up!  In this sellers market, buyers are going to have to change their expectations and their process, but its up to you as their agent to help them. Today we finish the 10 things you need to say or do when buyers start asking “Who’s side are you on, anyway?”

In the first episode of this two part series, we went over the circumstances in which buyers would start to feel that you’re not on their side anymore; having to overbid, guaranteeing the appraisal difference, forgoing inspections and other contingencies, and the discussion about their unlikely ability to have too much room for negotiation. What now? How can you get them to understand that you’re really trying to help them get what they want?  Here’s our top 10 tips…

  1. Educate them on WHY these things are required? What is a sellers market, anyway?
  2. Be willing to counsel them to wait if they really can’t afford.
  3. Turn your VA and FHA buyers into 5% conventional buyers.
  4. Look for off-market, old Expired, FSBO’s, New construction and Zillow Make-Me-Move sellers to eliminate the harsh competition you buyer will face.
  5. Use scripts like “May I give you the same advice I would give my own brother/sister…?”
  6. DO use a great buyer presentation so you have a better understanding and loyalty from your buyers.
  7. Be the first to see it, first to write it and first to communicate with the sellers agent to win!
  8. Counsel your buyers that a ‘great deal’ means they’re getting the house they want over everyone else.
  9. Be willing to refer them to another agent if the buyers aren’t your cup of tea.
  10. BECOME A LISTING AGENT so that 1 through 9 no longer matter to you!

Listen to todays podcast as we drill down on these final points and better prepare you to face this frenzied market and have the best prepared buyers in the market too!  Get ready to take notes and also listen for breaking market news that Tim & Julie have to share with you!

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