Renovation Reality: Low Voltage is High Priority for Staying ‘Connected’

We’re back with Episode 12 of Renovation Reality, hosted by Atlanta real estate expert, Collette McDonald.  Last week, when we left our Brookhaven renovation, the master bathroom was starting to take shape and Collette offered tips on electricity. Viewers also were asked to vote on two options for a chandelier in the dining area.

In this week’s installation, Collette noted that the homeowner wasn’t satisfied with the chandelier vote, so she has offered a few more options for viewers to consider. Last week only included chandelier options, which impacted the view. This week, some flushed options are added to the mix for your consideration.

This week, Collette discusses low voltage, which should be installed by a technician. This impacts audit CATV cables, speaker lines and security lines in the home.

When hiring a low-voltage contractor, be sure to consider your budget. Seek quotes and make sure you can afford it and that you are getting what you need for your money. During construction and renovation, you also want to consider placement of the lines.

Telephone, CATV, and satellite services that enter commercial or residential premises are subject to surge and transient events in much the same way that the electrical service is.

By hiring a professional installer, you can protect your services and equipment from damage. Professional installation also will help prevent frequency issues, audible noise, video degradation and other issues.

Rain swept through the area and a skylight leaked, but the issue has been taken care of. With windows and doors installed, the home now is enclosed. Bye, bye birdies!!

Be sure to check out this week’s Renovation Reality video to see all of the new lighting options and be sure to vote. Watch the video through to the very end of this week’s episode so you don’t miss out on any details and if you know someone going through a renovation, share this with them so they can benefit from all of Collette’s expertise and save themselves from unnecessary hassle!


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