One of the toughest things for rising star agents to deal with is success.  How can that be? Its simple.  A certain amount of success – usually one that the agent is comfortable with – comes with the honing of skills and the many disciplines required to keep their business moving forward.  However, skills only take them so far.  When the next level of achievement forces that agent to a level of success previously unknown, the mindset that was previously positive and steady can turn doubtful and negative.

What’s the big hangup?  It usually has to do with money.  There’s something, some truth, that was ingrained in the agents head from their upbringing and formative years about money and what it means.  For some who came from meager beginnings, the idea of outpacing their family and friends financially can hold them back.  For others who came from money and suffered labels or had assumptions placed on their lives because of it, the thought of accumulating more can be burdensome.

But do you have to sacrifice success and money in order to stay healthy, sane and soulful? Do friends, family and your upbringing have to take a backseat to your ambitions?  The answer is no, but it does require the development of healthy habits in how you look at each facet of your past and how you deal with the day to day challenges of growing a wildly successful business.

Did you know that top producers who are emotionally stable and successful don’t take things personally?  No matter what someone says to them (or behind their back) about their endeavors, motives or actions – they don’t let it affect them.  When something doesn’t go their way, they know how to say “Next!”

Another habit of ever-increasing successful agents is that they don’t get caught up in drama.  Contrary to the false world of television and superstardom, being a diva and dishing the dirt doesn’t get them to the top!  Instead, these A+ agents are humble and allow the deal to go smoothy without creating unnecessary waves among clients and other brokers.

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