Are you ready to go to next-level living? Have you wondered how the ‘average’ Joe makes his way to the top? Join us as we uncover and apply famous author, Napoleon Hill’s 17 principles of success, to help your real estate career soar! Inspired by over 500 interviews with some of the greatest millionaires in history, Hill reveals the fundamentals of success that can be used by anybody to achieve goals beyond their wildest dreams.

You likely know him from his famous book, Think and Grow Rich.  Did you know that his book was a condensed version of his life-long study of the Law of Success? His interviews featured notable figures such as Thomas Edison, Charles Schwaab, Theodore Roosevelt, Alexander Graham Bell, John D. Rockefeller and many more. These wildly successful figures in history each contributed to Hill’s formation of the success principles.

If you’re wondering what it takes to live a purposeful and prosperous life, get ready to take notes from the most acclaimed millionaires in history as we tell you how to apply these to your real estate business. We’ll start by touching on the fundamental building block of defining your purpose.  If you lack a purpose and direction for your business (and life) you’ll never get off the starting block.  And even if you do, you’ll find yourself lost, wandering or circling without a specific direction.

We continue to build on purpose by talking about the importance of journeying together with like-minded individuals as you pursue your business goals.  This is commonly referred to as the Mastermind group or alliance.  By aligning yourself with people who can inspire, encourage and support your in your pursuits, the collective energy will keep you bolstered even when times get tough.

Listen to todays podcast, apply these principles daily and evaluate your success on each regularly to keep moving forward.

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