Skip over this if you want to make less money.  Still here?  That’s what I thought!  If you’re still reading this, you obviously want to know what puts an agent at the top of their game. What are they willing to do that others aren’t?  One key part of the top agent equation is a concept that many don’t like to talk about.  The word alone makes them shudder.  Are you ready…?

Accountability.  When most agents hear that word they immediately get a picture of themselves shackled to their desk!  Well, maybe metaphorically speaking?!  But its a key ingredient to the success of every top producer.  Most people are not wired for high levels of self-discipline.  They need something or someone (or both) to help them stay the course.

What is accountability?  It’s defined as the obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions.  For agents, it means being accountable to the goals they have set out in their plan for the year, the quarter, the month and even down to the day! Now, most agents say they want accountability.  They get into coaching so they can “be more accountable.” Oddly enough, when said accountability comes, agents then start push back, missing calls, making excuses and even downshifting their goals for fear they won’t be able to deliver.

To be a superstar, this can no longer be your attitude.  Every top producer is always accountable to what they’ve said is important to them.  How do they accomplish this? First, it helps to understand the three different kinds of accountability.  When we understand them, then we can learn how top producers apply it.

  1. External accountability. This is the easiest one!  You experience this everyday.  If you don’t pay your electric bill, well…no more lights for you!  If you ignore that cell phone bill, your service gets shut down.  There’s a tangible reward for following through and a punishment when you don’t.

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