Ever feel as though you’re standing in the middle of a tiny crossword puzzle having to make everything you need fit into that puzzle when you’re getting ready for work inside your too small bathroom? There isn’t enough light for you to put on your makeup without messing it up. You can’t find the right barrette to go with the outfit you want to wear. There aren’t enough drawers, shelves, and cabinets to hold all your stuff so everything just sits on top of the sink vanity looking like a tornado just hit.

If your bathroom is too small, and whose isn’t, here are some ways to get the most space (and organization) out of the bathroom you have.

  1. If there’s no shelf above the bathroom vanity, add a super slender picture lens to fit underneath any mirror.
  2. Create a sink along with storage vanity by putting a salad bowl on top of a dresser (which you lacquer).
  3. Update a boring piece of black and/or brown furniture with a green finish to make it look vintage or even a one of a kind piece.
  4. Use a cheap kitchen utensil holder to store your hot hair tools (curling iron, straightener, etc.)
  5. Use a cart to store towels/toilet paper.
  6. Use pod-like containers that attach to the walls (such as Pluggis) to store make-up.
  7. Turn a ladder shelf (the same kind you might use in the living room) to store towels and/or toilet paper.
  8. Use initialed hooks as dedicated towel hooks. Everyone will know whose towel is whose by their respective first initial.
  9. A step stool can also be used as a resting stop for hand towels.
  10. Use a desk organizer with sliding drawers to keep make-up, blushers, brushes in their own discreet places.
  11. Put fragrance bottles on a lazy susan.
  12. Use a clear, see through cookie jar to store your nail polishes.
  13. Empty candle containers make great lipstick/gloss organizers.
  14. Use a cake stand to keep your daily essentials (Q-tips, tooth brush, cotton balls, etc.) within your sight and your reach.
  15. Use a two tiered kitchen basket for towels, soaps, essentials.
  16. Attach pins and barrettes to a magnetic strip on a side wall as a reminder to hang them up when you take them off so they don’t wind up in the bottom of some drawer so you can’t find them.
  17. A spic rack (Bekuam) becomes a toilet paper dispenser by adding straps to the wooden top piece.
  18. A wire container and 2 command hooks become storage for hair tools on the side of the sink.

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