Key Highlights

  • Rules of the game to Becoming Remotely Successful by Tim and Julie Harris are similar to becoming successful in-person
  • This post begins with the similarities and differences of remote and in-person working

Remote Working Is Here to Stay

Tim and Julie Harris’ new guide entitled Becoming Remotely Successful reinforces Tim and Julie’s belief that working remotely is here to stay.

Now that the COVID pandemic has, in some ways, forced those of us who could work remotely to actually do it, Tim and Julie believe there is no going back.  Why would we? Who doesn’t want to live where they want to live instead of living where they have to live because of work?  Who would want to travel to a meeting or conference when we could just go to the meeting or conference online and save our travel dollars and time for “real” vacations and holidays?

Perhaps we may create hybrid working lives in which we work remotely some of the time and in-person some of the time depending upon circumstances. But no way we are going back to in-person working full time now…it’s simply inefficient and too costly.

Rules of the Game for Becoming Remotely Successful are Similar to Becoming In-Person Successful

The similarities of working remotely and working in-person include:

  • Constantly engaging with your clients via eye contact.  Sure, the eye contact while working remotely is your computer’s camera so fall in love with that little red light at the top middle of your computer and it will fall in love with you.
  • Providing your prospects and clients the most relevant, leading-edge information, data, statistics and insights
  • Being totally well organized and methodical
  • Knowing what and how to communicate all that is relevant to your prospect’s/client’s needs…and all that’s not
  • Utilizing your non-verbal communications skills (body language and facial expressions) to reinforce your connection with your client/prospect
  • Utilizing visual images to supplement your verbal presentations.

The differences include:

  • The availability of chat windows and discussion spaces for instantaneous feedback and questions
  • The ability to provide additional information and resources via links
  • You and your client can be anywhere and everywhere
  • You client can repeatedly listen and watch you at their convenience. Also, that repetitive listening and watching reinforces their impressions and their eventual choices
  • You MUST put more effort into engaging your clients remotely and maintaining their engagement with you while working remotely.

You Already Know about Becoming Remotely Successful

You know more about becoming remotely successful than you give yourself credit.  How do we know?  Because you’ve already been doing it!

In future posts, we’ll dissect parts of Tim and Julie’s Becoming Remotely Successful to help you improve upon what you’ve already got under your belt.  After all, the word “becoming” means developing…improving…enhancing.  Becoming is a process…not a done deal.


Thanks to Becoming Remotely Successful by Tim and Julie Harris.



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