April is National Rebuilding Month and Rebuilding Together is the national nonprofit that makes rebuilding homes for our most vulnerable citizens possible. This one-of-a-kind organization brings volunteers and communities together to make “…every home a safe and healthy home for every person.”  Since 1989, over 10,000 homes in 39 states have been repaired and/or renovated by over 100,000 volunteers and corporate partners.

Starting years ago as a neighborhood effort to repair one house in Midland, TX, Rebuilding Together now encourages every person everywhere to become an investment partner with their time, expertise and resources into their own respective community throughout the country.  And, because someone, somewhere needs safe and healthy housing every day, Rebuilding Together encourages people to become dedicated investment partners in their community every month of the year and not just in April.

Here is one example of a Rebuilding Together story.  A nineteen year old young man joined the Marine Corps and was deployed to Afghanistan.  There, he received a traumatic brain injury and was unable to care for himself or his family.  Rebuilding Together with NexGen and Champion Homes built a safe, healthy, accessible home in AZ for this veteran and his family.  Sears, Sherwin Williams, Lowe’s and other corporate partners contributed essential and innovative products to their home so the entire family could become independent, active, productive community members.

Other state satellite agencies have different rebuild/repair/renovate stories. In Nashville, Rebuilding Together partnered with HGTV and country music stars and talents to restore a sanctuary facility that helps survivors of abuse, addiction, prostitution, trafficking, etc.  In New York, a homeless shelter for ex-prison inmates and their children was renovated.  New York’s Prison Association provides ongoing management services for the shelter.

April’s month of Rebuilding Together culminates in Rebuilding Together Day on April 29. On this day, efforts to complete repairs, renovations and rebuilds on homes, nonprofit facilities and community spaces will bring immediate and large scale impact to seniors, veterans, disabled, families with children, to our most vulnerable…all across America.

To learn more about how to get involved in transforming the lives of low-income families by improving the safety and health of their homes in your backyard, visit them at Rebuilding Together. 


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