If you haven’t noticed by now, the market is in full spring swing!  Phones are ringing off the hook, open houses are popping up with the flowers and your calendar is filling up with requests for showings and market analysis’.  If you want to make it through the real estate rush without crashing and burning with the fall leaves, you have to start discerning who is a real buyer and a real seller?

We hate to burst your bubble, but not all 96 post-it notes with names of buyers and sellers on them are real.  Meaning, while they have a pulse, they don’t all have the same motivation and situation that will cause them to put their home on the market or go through with a purchase. How can you tell the difference?  Especially when “Betsey and Bart Buyer” email or call you weekly and have extensive conversations with you about their dream home!

With buyers like this and sellers who still won’t settle on an appointment, but have no problem yakking your ear off, its easy to get caught in the fake lead vortex!  When it comes to leads, the old adage is true…sometimes, less is more.  Think about those 96 “leads” on your desk, taking up space in your database and mental space in your mind! Wouldn’t you rather have a dozen pre-qualified, ready to move buyers and sellers? I thought so!

You must learn to pre-qualify.  What’s the point of becoming a fanatical prospector if you then miss the best opportunities by not becoming fanatical at prequalifying too?  Not only do you have to learn this skill, but it has to be done 100% of the time.  Think Monopoly! Do not pass GO, Do not collect $200 – unless you have prequalified your prospect!

How you do this and what you ask them is the secret sauce to saving time and maximizing commissions in this marketplace!

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