Sounds harsh, but hang with us and you’ll understand how critical this idea is to evaluating what kind of team you have (or have been building) before its too late! Let’s face it: agents today are under a lot of pressure to build a team & produce more volume – but does it produce more profit for you, or just give your franchise a bigger stake in the area?

We get asked all the time about building teams and our answers come from having the direct experience of having had a team ourselves.  So many agents have it in their heads that the only way to be ‘successful’ and make tons of money is to have a team.  We’re here to tell you that’s completely false!  We’ve coached many of the top producing teams in the country and the focus is not on the number of bodies or how many billboards you can get your face on.

The key to building a smart team is to have a firm grip on what your product is.  How would you answer that?  We’ve heard all sorts of answers ranging from great customer service to closings.  Those aren’t bad of course, but the right answer is profit.  Profit is your product.  Doesn’t make sense to you?  Think about it this way:  You don’t ‘make’ anything. The houses are already made.  Happy customers?  That’s part of your job.  You’re a middleman and when owning a business, the only thing you have at the end of the day is the profit you made from successfully helping the transaction come to a close.

Many of you aren’t ready for the message yet.  But if you’re serious about building a business, building wealth, and living a life where you no longer have to work for your money, but your money works for you, you will shift your thinking on this.  One of the biggest problems we see today is that agents equate selling more houses to making more money and that’s turns out to be not true when you run a ‘dumb’ team instead of a ‘smart’ one.

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