Maybe your first quarter wasn’t all you wanted it to be.  A little too much slack time post-holiday, or maybe the winter doldrums got you down?  The first month of the 2nd quarter is ending and if you’re still not full speed ahead, valuable time and opportunities for your best year ever are slipping away.  Is there any way you can possibly get back on track? YES!  No matter where you’re coming from in your business – rookie, returning agent or grizzled veteran – we have a plan that can help you turn it all around!

First, evaluate where you are.  Our guess it that you’re reading this because you’re not exactly where you’d hope to be and have a goal (or at least the desire) to get there! Simply put, if you’re not where you want to be, making the money you want, achieving the dreams and goals of your life, its simply because you’re not helping enough people at a high enough level. Want to see more income, more sales?  Help more people!

What’s the secret to doing that?  Taking massive action!  It sounds simple, right?  It can be if your embrace the concept of being of service to others.  The more you accept this fact, the more your mindset can shift from the tasks of what it will take, to the desired outcomes.  You’ll be fueled by the satisfaction that you receive from helping others, knowing that every time you help someone else, you’re that much closer to helping yourself.

Are you ready to take massive action?  Let’s lay down some ground rules for this program…

  1. When you complete your plan, post it on your refrigerator, in your office, on your bathroom mirror!  Anywhere public that you can be reminded what you’re supposed to be doing!  Give a copy to your accountability partner and tell everyone (who supports you) about your plan.

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