The bad news: You feel terrible for not already selecting and wrapping a gift for your mom before today.  With multiple offers, buyers dragging you around and inspection issues calling your name, its been impossible to get to the store! The good news: We have just the list to bail you out!  If you thought all was lost, look no further!

So if you’d like to give your mom a real gift that you didn’t have to strain your brain to come up with, here are some last minute ones, courtesy of the one and only Martha Stewart, to consider:

  1.  Chocolate covered strawberries are the height of decadence and always make someone feel special.  And you can bet that your mom would never make them for herself.
  2. Scallop the edges of parchment paper to wrap and hold a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
  3. Create a new floral pattern by selecting one gorgeous flower and showcasing it in lovely slender vase.  This is a low maintenance floral gift that is not low impact.
  4. How about a great bottle of wine paired with a tea towel that suggests to your mom what to eat with that sparkling burgundy.  Wine pairing towel sets are definitely trending.
  5. Long Live the Good Long Life is Martha Stewart’s latest contribution to cooking healthy, delicious means.  Pair the cookbook with a lovely copper pan.
  6. Whether home made or store bought, tell you mom you love her on paper. Pair your note with a collection of Mary Oliver’s poems.
  7. Because presentation is everything, prepare you mom a delicious berry crepe in a fancy crepe frame.
  8. No woman, including your mother, can ever have enough stylish pouches to hold her lipstick, cash and latest electronic gadget.
  9. Vibrant, vintage inspired expresso cups will brighten your mom’s mornings.
  10. Sentimental sparkles that combine photos of your mom’s children and/or grandchildren with a glittery photo card will bring smiles each and every time your mom sees them.
  11. The ultimate stylish accessory is a great scarf .
  12. If you want to go all out, how about giving your mom and her patio a bright upgrade of pillows, chairs and baskets.

Bottom line, for most moms out there – hugs, kisses, loving words and warm smiles will do the trick on Mother’s Day. The rest is gravy.

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