Like weeds in a garden, prickly people just keep popping up, don’t they?  Just when you think you cleaned them all out, here comes another one!  If cranky people seem to be the norm for you and your business, consider how you might be allowing that and learn today how to create the systems to deal so you can keep the deal moving along without losing your mind!  Better yet?  Take our suggestions on how to stop them from becoming an issue in the first place!

  1. Prune the weeds before they grow. Have systems in place to identify ‘early warning signs’ before the weeds take over your relationship.  This means prequalifying 100% of your buyers and sellers for motivation, time frame and level of cooperation.
  2. Make sure YOU are not the toxic person yourself!  How would you know?  Ask the people around you! Are you a battery ‘charger’ or ‘drainer?’ Find some friends who will tell you the truth!
  3. Stop having separate rules for different situations.  Just because someone is buying or selling at double your normal price point doesn’t allow them to trash your mental mind space.
  4. When you generate an abundance of business, you don’t have to tolerate the toxic, unmotivated, overly pushy, disrespectful, time vampires.  The more business you have, the less you’ll have to put up with these kinds of prospects!  You’ll be able to walk away without the fear of not being able to put food on your table!
  5. Stop thinking real estate is full of toxic people, or that its just your business that has toxic types.  It’s everywhere, no industry is immune!  Its simply a numbers game…until there are several in a row…and then it MIGHT be you?!  Look closely for a pattern of behavior in yourself such as being tired, disorganized or crazy busy.

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