Tired of hearing about branding?  You already have your shiny new website and your glossy marketing pieces, so what else is there?  Seth says a lot! With numbers of businesses trying to sell their widget to agents with promises of creating an online presence that will virtually do all the work for them, its no wonder why agents are disappointed and confused when the results they were sold don’t come.

Our guest today knows all about brand building and travels around the country sharing his practical applications on branding, innovation and go-to market strategies.  He’s none other than, Seth Price, the VP of of Industry Relations at Placester, the fastest growing marketing platform for real estate professionals and home of the Real Estate Marketing Academy, a leading educational resource for real estate professionals.  He’s author of the book, “The Road to Recognition. The A-to-Z Guide to Personal Branding” and his interview-based programs, Craft of Marketing and Marketing Genius are widely heralded as top marketing strategy podcasts.

Seth talks about what branding really is – the framework that creates awareness with people who are most likely to purchase with you.  And its not just a website.  It’s everything that you do in your daily business that is creating your brand.  In reality, its what Seth calls, ‘trust embodied.’

He also answers the most pressing question on most of your minds: Branding is NOT a replacement for the necessary business practices of lead generating, follow-up and great service.    In fact, he says, “If you’re not good at your craft, no branding in the world is going to create a satisfying experience for your customers.”

So, what is the best branding for agents and how do you amplify it?  Seth and Tim drill down on the basics on where to begin developing what your brand is and then how to begin implementing that.  Seth’s insightful question “What is your super power?” will get you started on the right path to developing the message you want people relaying about you.

Listen to the rest of todays podcast to hear why its important that you do this before someone else creates your message for you!

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