For the savvy real estate agent, knowing the ins and outs of real estate investing can help you gain a competitive advantage. Social media is no longer an option for real estate agents, and Twitter can be used to receive information that can give you an edge over the next agent.

Today, consumers expect any and all the businesses they work with to engage on social media, and most agents think of social media as a lead generation tool, and it can be. But it also can be so much more. One example is Twitter. But who do you follow? Is there anyone who can really make a difference in your business?

People like to follow and do business with other people. Using a personal Twitter profile and branding can help get you started. Agents can develop a brand positioning statement that describes your ideal clients, defines your edge over the competition, explain how you will Tweet content that is informative and engaging. You can then pull these items into a single statement.  If you’re going to venture into social media, great content is key!

Using your own profile image and name on Twitter also helps with engagement. Statistics show that even top brands get less engagement than people.

Once you are set up, you also can use Twitter as a great resource for information to learn more about what potential clients may be looking for in their real estate search. As a result, it may be just as important to know who to follow.

A recent article by Forbes identified nine follow-worthy accounts that real estate agents can follow. They can help you learn the ins and outs of real estate investing, which in turn puts you in a better position to serve your investment-minded clients.

The Twitter accounts include Landlordology (@landlordology), Seth Williams (@retipsterseth), Blackstone (@Blackstone), Don Campbell (@DonRCampbell), Joe Fairless (@joefairless), John Burns (@JBREC), Mitch Stephen (@Mitch_Stephen), Texas A&M Real Estate Center (@TexRec), and Veterans For LIFE Foundation (@Veterans4LIFE).

Looking closer at a few of these, Landlordology is a free education site that helps anyone become a rental investment and management pro. Agents can use this site to follow its investment advice, state laws and other interesting details.

Seth Williams often shares great real estate resources, which can be perfect for any agent to keep tabs on. He frequently shares information from the sites and offers his own thoughts.

Source Image: Twitter

Don Campbell is the founder of Canadian-based Real Estate Investment Network and he also is a real estate investor. He offers timely advice that often is regional and based on facts and current trends.

Real estate agents can stay current on investment strategy with Joe Fairless.

John Burns is a great follow for homebuilders and investors, making him a must for every agent to also listen to. He offers original research on potential changes in the real estate market.

Mitch Stevens, an investor from San Antonio, educates followers on how to find great real estate deals. This can be a font of information for any real estate agent.

Real estate agents can learn more about supply and demand from the Texas A&M Real Estate Center.

Lastly, @Veterans4LIFE is a community of Realtors and brokerages focused on housing for families in need and creating change with each home. This follow offers agents and investors a source of information on another aspect of the market.

Remember, social media in any form, is never a substitute for direct interaction with prospects.  Tweet, follow and engage – but always transition the social media to a direct conversation about how you can help them buy, sell, or invest. Twitter can be a great tool for any real estate agent, and knowing who has the best follows can help ensure your feed is full of useful information and not just white noise.  What great real estate related Twitter accounts are you following?

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