We all want to become more successful, right?  We read about how others do it.  We make lists of suggestions or tips based upon what other successful people do.  Pretty soon, we become lost in all these lists of tips about how to become successful.  Pretty soon, we just throw up our hands, overwhelmed.

How about trying another tactic?  How about doing less instead of more?  Here’s a list of 8 things to stop doing that may help you become more successful.

  1.  Remove excuses.  Rather than blaming family members, friends, bosses, everyone, stop blaming anyone for anything.  All those people are responsible for their lives, not yours.  You are the only one who has the real power to impact your life and make it a successful one.
  2. Remove perfectionism.  Being perfect simply is not possible.  No one, no thing is perfect. Best to stop buying into that myth…that myth is quite simply a no-go.  Instead of trying to do something that isn’t attainable, try to become better.  Becoming better is attainable and as we like to say “done” is better than perfect!
  3. Remove fear.  This is a hard one but removing fear is definitely possible.  First, narrow in on what it is that frightens you.  Be as specific as you can be.  Then, in the tiniest steps, face that fear.  Speak up.  Voice your opinions and thoughts.  Chase your dreams, your goals no matter how scary…slowly…every day.  Be brave.
  4. Remove the need to control everything.  Again, just like being perfect, controlling everything is not possible.  No one can control everything nor everyone so let go of this myth too.  Focus more on the things you can control and let go of those things you can’t.
  5. Remove a fixed mindset.  Each situation, each person is unique.  Changing your mindset requires new thinking, approaches, and solutions.  Learn to accept thoughts and knowledge that are contrary to what you’ve always believed.
  6. Remove the desire for overnight success.  Becoming successful is an ongoing, everyday, disciplined, dedicated process of hard work. Absolutely no one is an overnight sensation.  Just ask whomever has been branded as an overnight success and they’ll tell you that it took years and years for them to get where they are.
  7. Remove toxic people.  This is a big one.  Negative, intimidating, pessimistic, undermining people take up much too much energy, time and space.  Replace those people with positive, optimistic, supportive, generous people who appreciate you and your dreams.  Those kinds of people will actually help you achieve your goals, make you feel happier and be in your corner as you become more successful.
  8. Remove the need to say yes.  This may be the hardest and most important thing to stop doing.  We’ve all been programmed to do what people tell or ask us to do even when we don’t want to or aren’t required to do so.  The fact is you simply can’t do what you need to do for yourself if you’re too busy helping other people do things for themselves.  Once again, be brave.  Know when to say No.

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