Whether you’re new to real estate and just getting started with buyers or a grizzled veteran who is getting burned out on the buyer train, when there’s trouble in buyer paradise, its usually because you’re making any number of these 15 mistakes!  Working with buyers isn’t as easy as everyone thinks and if you’re never been taught the right way to do it, you’ve likely missed out on a lot of commission checks along the way.  Today we’re talking about the most efficient and effective techniques to working with buyers and the mistakes to steer clear of!

  1. Not Prequalifying the buyer before showing property. Nine out of ten buyer problems can usually be avoided when you stop making this fatal mistake!  Isn’t it strange how the most important and expensive purchase of most peoples lives doesn’t always start with a professional trying to identify key information?  You wouldn’t let a surgeon cut you open without a full workup, right?  This isn’t any different!  What kinds of things do you need to know before putting a buyer in your car?  Never forget to ask them about their financial ability to buy, their motivation, time frame, expectations and if they plan to only work with you!
  2. Not meeting your buyers at the office first! Are you trying to make it on the next season of Dateline NBC? Sadly, safety has become a growing issue in our industry and the number of suspicious behaviors and assaults is up from decades ago.  Both women and men should not take their safety for granted and brokers should have a ‘office first’ policy to ensure everyone’s safety.  Another tip?  Get a copy of your prospects drivers license!
  3. Not using a proven buyer presentation. If ‘winging it’ has been part of your vernacular, we suggest your remove that right now!  When you use our proven buyer presentation, you’ll be addressing many important (and often overlooked) topics that you can’t afford to be surprised by!

Listen to the todays podcast episode and learn about those topics, how to deal with them and why these points are the foundation to a great start with you buyers!

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