Whether you’re brand new to real estate or a grizzled veteran who is getting burned out on the buyer train, when there’s trouble in buyer paradise, its usually because you’re making any number of these 15 mistakes!  Working with buyers is physical labor and if you’re never been taught the right way to do it, you’ve likely missed out on a lot of commission checks along the way. Today we continue talking about the most efficient and effective techniques to working with buyers and the mistakes to steer clear of in Part 2 of our series.

4. Not setting expectations ahead of time.  This applies to the buyers qualifications, the conditions of your market and their price range.  Surprises to the buyer such as appraisal conditions or the challenges of buying ‘as-is’, are typically not welcome ones! During a stressful time for the buyer such as this, you’ll be a hero if you set the expectations up front, relieving them of the stress of unanswered questions in their minds.

5. Poor follow up if they don’t buy the first time out. When a buyer rejects the houses they saw on the first time out with you, don’t let them get away without setting up that next showing appointment!  Leaving them to languish on the negative ending hurts your momentum.

6. Not using closing scripts. When you don’t make intentional efforts to close the buyer throughout the showing process, you set yourself up for a never-ending ride on the showing carousel, which leaves you burned out and thinking that real estate sucks.  Don’t allow the buyer to dictate the showing schedule.  Need better scripts?  We can help you with that!

7. Only using the MLS to find property.  BIG mistake!  So many agents get in the lazy habit of running a hot sheet and calling it a day. Can’t find anything new?  “Oh well, I tried,” is their thought.  Learn how to create inventory and you’ll never have to worry about that again.  Oh, and we can help with that too!

8. Waiting for the buyer to find their own property. They hired you to help them find a property, right?  Well, go find it! When you do nothing, the buyer either thinks you’re overpaid or when they have to find it (only to lose out on it) they blame you.  Neither of these is good for your reputation!

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