Do seemingly successful people just “get” things faster and “do” things better than the rest of us?  It sure feels that way sometimes.  While one new agent is rifling through papers, setting up systems and moving in a hundred different directions with no results, another newbie has already taken 5 listings! How can one person get results so quickly while the other can’t seem to get out of the starting gate?

It turns out that “successful” people learn how to do things systematically in a results oriented fashion.  They don’t get stuck on the details as much as others do.  And they do and don’t do some of these things…

  1.  Successful people don’t memorize.  They tend to connect things by forming patterns…patterns in ideas and patterns in structures.  If you approach your internalization of prospecting scripts as a formation of patterns that are repeated or not at times that “make sense,” you’ll have that dialogue in your head and at the tip of your tongue forever.
  2. Successful people do not multitask.  Successful people concentrate on one thing at a time until they accomplish or achieve that one thing.  You’ll likely note that successful people do not check their phones constantly…they check them periodically otherwise that constant clutter and/or brain noise is simply too distracting.
  3. Successful people practice…repeatedly and repetitively.  Malcolm Gladstone, award winning and New York Times best selling author, says that mastering any skill requires 10,000 hours of practice.  The old saying that practice makes perfect holds true.  And to do that practice, persistence and patience are required. Just ask Serena Williams how many times and hours she’s practiced her service game and apply that same intensity to practicing your scripts and presentations.
  4. Successful people consult with experts to save time and effort.  They do not re-invent the wheel…they go to the expert who invented the wheel (or anything else) and ask for their help to make the wheel better, faster, stronger, etc. This is what coaching is all about!
  5. Successful people unconsciously subscribe to the 80-20 Pareto Principle.  They reconstruct the task in front of them by finding the most important, essential, challenging aspects of that task and doing those components first.  They do no get bogged down in every little detail. As we like to say, “Done is better than perfect!”
  6. Successful people always maintain a student’s mindset, or “new eyes.”  Every time a “successful” person sees, reads, tries, does anything…even if they do that thing every day…they do that thing with new, fresh, for the first time eyes, just as a student does.  Successful people see themselves as always learning, always inquisitive, always a student and never as an expert.

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