Whether you’re brand new to real estate or a grizzled veteran who is getting burned out on the buyer train, when there’s trouble in buyer paradise, its usually because you’re making any number of these 15 mistakes!  Working with buyers is physical labor and if you’re never been taught the right way to do it, you’ve likely missed out on a lot of commission checks along the way. Today we finish talking about the most efficient and effective techniques to working with buyers and the mistakes to steer clear of in the final part of our series.

By now you’ve probably identified at least a few mistakes you’ve been guilty of when working with buyers and hopefully have had some a-ha moments that are cementing some new habits for you.  From prequalifying to closing day and all the details in between, it seems that all the biggest mistakes made with buyers can be categorized as either the agents lack of knowledge or their lack of preparation.

In our final three points of the series, we explore some blunders that can cost you a bunch!

13. Lack of emotional control during the deal. We’re not just talking about the buyers and sellers, we’re talking about YOU!  One of the biggest mistakes agents make is in trying to justify their commission by blowing things up that don’t need to be.  Stop trying to be the hero by lamenting to your clients all the drama that the other side may be putting you through. The way to really get hero status in their eyes is to show them how smooth you’ve made this very important event in their lives!

14. Not using a buyer agency agreement.  At the very least you should be discussing buyer loyalty!  The easiest and most natural time to do this is when explaining their agency rights. So why don’t more agents get the buyer to sign on the dotted line?

15. Not being a listing agent so you don’t have to worry about 1 through 14. Really want to avoid all of these headaches?  Do what we tell you to do all the time – become a great listing agent!

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