Renovation Reality: The Down and Dirty Details

We’re back with Episode 20 of Renovation Reality, hosted by Atlanta real estate expert Collette McDonald. Last week, Collette set the stage for the final weeks of the project. This week, she offers one last view of the property before the big reveal!

With just one more week to go, the homeowner is facing a high level of stress. There are a lot of details still to be completed, including cabinet and countertop installation. Hardwood floors must be refinished and appliances will be brought in.

If the network home improvement shows can do it in a week, Collette is confident the contractor will meet the deadline.

A neighbor “situation” arose again last week. After past issues, the contractors can only work during posted hours and cannot work on holidays. The contractor decided to bring some tradesmen in and work inside the house with minimal noise.

The neighbor, in a seeming fit of spite, called the police and ran the contractors off, waving as they drove away.

Collette also presented a video tour of the house and current progress ahead of the final reveal, offering viewers one last chance to see the work ahead of the big reveal. While it looks like there is a tremendous amount of work left with just one week to go, crews remain focused on the task at hand and are poised to meet the deadline.

The stunning designs and amenities are taking shape and the vision for this project is nearly complete. The marble tile is up in the bathroom and Collette showed off the features of the bathroom, which will provide a stunning respite for the homeowners.

This week, Collette mentioned that viewers will not see the inside until completion. Next week, a special guest will appear on next week’s episode. Watch the video through to the very end of this week’s episode so you don’t miss any Collette’s updates. Share this episode with anyone who is considering a project of this magnitude.

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