Show us your habits and we can usually predict whether you are (or will be) truly successful for the long haul!  Its easy to go right to focusing on the good habits, but ingrained good habits are usually the result of actively working to overcome the bad ones. Which truly horrible habits are you guilty of that are standing in the way of you having success? Not only do you need to constantly monitor your habits, but you’ll have to take action on them daily too! Today we talk about the first 3 of 15 habits that are a killing your chances at success and how to actively squelch them for good!

Bad Habit #1: You Lack “Stick-to-it-ness.”  Yeah, that’s a word!  What does it mean? Have you ever started something, only to not finish?  You bail when the going gets tough? Even more frustrating, you start and stop and start again, but never really achieve a ‘cruising altitude.’  Remember our plane analogy?

Bad Habit #2: Never Mastering the Basics.  This one’s tricky because you can easily fool yourself into thinking that you have it down cold!  When you do that, you end up doing things like hiring a team before you have the skill to manage them or hold them accountable.  You also start believing falsehoods like its common to only take 50% of your listings.  The rub is that the long you’re in the business, the more likely you are to have this bad habit of thinking you know it all, rather than developing a habit of continual learning!

Bad Habit #3: You Believe The Hype About Rich People. If you’ve bought into the lie that rich people only got that way by inheritance, winning the lottery or by cheating someone else to get it – you’ll never know true success.

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