Key Highlights

  • Violent crime, property crime, and the probability of exposure to natural disaster, disease and contaminated drinking water help define dangerous conditions in metros.
  • Memphis TN found to be the most dangerous metro in US by Clever Real Estate
  • Denver CO found to be the safest metro in the US by Clever Real Estate

High-density living means more problems in the daily-ness of living. Clever Real Estate defined and researched some of the problems caused by high-density living and determined that the below issues/problems result in the most dangerous, and conversely the safest, metros in the country:

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  • Crime rates – violent crime such as murder, property crime such as robbery, assault crime such as rape, etc.
  • Traffic accidents and fatalities
  • Potential exposure to disease
  • Potential exposure to natural disaster
  • Potential exposure to contaminated drinking water

Using these data points, Clever Real Estate concluded that the most dangerous metros in the country were…

  • Memphis TN – 230 murders, 680 rapes, 3,416 robberies and 11,017 assaults in 2018 – also the highest rates of property crime
  • Birmingham AL – highest rate of traffic fatalities
  • Oklahoma City OK – highest rate of contaminated drinking water
  • Louisville KY
  • Nashville TN

Conversely, Clever Real Estate concluded these metros were the safest:

  • Denver CO – total of 1,142 violent crimes in 2018 or seven times fewer violent crimes than Memphis
  • Providence RI
  • Grand Rapids MI
  • Chicago IL
  • San Jose CA

Clever Real Estate found that the metros with the lowest violent crime rate overall were Denver, New York City, Chicago, San Antonio and Cincinnati. Metros with the highest rate of violent crime included Memphis, San Francisco, San Antonio and Seattle.

Metros with the highest rates of property crime were Memphis, Birmingham, San Antonio and San Francisco.

Metros with the lowest rate of traffic fatalities were San Francisco and Boston; Salt Lake City ranked the lowest for natural disasters.

Metros with the highest rates of natural disaster (flooding and wildfire) included Los Angeles, Riverside CA and New York City

The metros with the highest rates of water contamination included Houston, Portland OR, Boston, Oklahoma City, Raleigh, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Seattle.


Thanks to Clever Real Estate and Francesca Ortegren for source data.

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