Ready to take that part-time real estate career and turn it into a full-time success story? Many part-time agents are happy to keep full-time jobs, but many more have done the math & realized that their income potential is far greater if they transition into real estate full-time. Here are 15 steps to help you do it!

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1 TIMING: If you are on your own; no spouse, no kids, no dependents, then take the risk when you want. You are responsible only for yourself. Otherwise, you must follow this list very closely.

2 INSURANCE: If you have a job or your spouse does that has great insurance and benefits, consider putting yourself on their insurance, or using your own and greatly reducing your hours and other requirements to that job, so you can keep those benefits.

3 SAVINGS: You must have saved 90 days worth of personal overhead. This savings must be from the net commissions of your closings. 90 days shows you have consistency, follow through and some level of skill so you won’t just quit your job and starve.

4 SKILLS: You must have your Pre Listing Package done, be able to present it and handle objections as well as close. You must have your formal listing presentation and buyer presentation done and polished.

5 MINDSET: You must be committed to doing what you don’t want to do when you don’t want to do it at the highest level you know how and be committed to constantly raising that bar.

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