“2020 will be the year of streaming,” wrote John Elliot for Mansion Global. Adding to “traditional” streamers like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, etc. are really traditional film and television creators such as Disney, Apple TV, NBC’s Peacock, etc. plus tech companies. Phone only streamers such as Quibi, recently unveiled at the Sundance Film Festival,will also provide “short form” content (10 minutes) to fill your “free time” on a daily basis.

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Televisions are likely to see smart integrations as standard features.  Televisions are likely to control the lights, locks, laundry machines and perhaps even security systems in your homes.

With this rise in streaming and smart integrations comes the importance of synchronicity.  All your devices (phone, tablet, smart speakers with screens and even screen-outfitted refrigerators) need to be able to switch across devices and across brands.  Look for synchronistic integrations such as Alex.

Plex could be thought of as a utility Netflix.   Plex software allows users to turn a connected machine such as a laptop or desktop into a server for the user’s digital content.  If you were to “host” your entire series of “The Sopranos” onto your Plex server and access the series on your Plex app, you could watch it on any of your devices for your convenience.  Physical media like DVDs or Blu-rays could also be hosted on Plex.  This means NO monthly fees.

Of course, synchronistic integrators like Plex will have their own monthly payment models (likely to erode the secondary sales market) and will essentially elevate subscriptions via exclusivity.

The AI Assistant as a platform “equalizer” will only continue exploding in 2020.  Though there are additional smart home hubs such as Brilliant Control coming into this market, it’s likely that “phone bound buddies” such as Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant will only become more ubiquitous.

Likely. we’ll all see fewer cords and charging ports insert homes as wireless charging devices render them obsolete.  Pads, stands, coffee and night tables and even light-based charging systems that beam energy to phones from ceiling-based batteries will take over as our furniture becomes more multifunctional.  Manufacturers and developers want to make it ever easier to keep us plugged in and fully charged.

Thanks to MansionGlobal’s John Elliot for source material.

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