Christy Murdock Edge, an elite real estate agent and contributor to InmanNews, believes that these five New Year’s Resolution will “pay off big time over the long haul.”

See for yourself.

  1. Become fluent on your phone.
    1. Even if you think you know everything about using your phone, learn more about its features and capabilities.
    2. Murdock Edge believes you’ll save hours of desk time if and when you know how to actually work effectively from wherever you are with your phone.
    3. Optimize your phone’s assistance options.
    4. Install mobile versions of your most used desktop platforms.
    5. Install mobile CRMs and transaction management applications onto your phone.

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  2. Be in control of your time and calendar with a time management app (reminders, alarms, time blocking systems, etc.) that work for you on your phone.
    1. You’ll become more organized
    2. You’ll feel more in control.
    3. You’ll enhance your profit goals once you make and use your time more effectively and efficiently.
    4. You’ll be able to track your goals on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
    5. You’ll feel less stress.
  3. Get serious about content.
    1. Figure out what’s blocking you from creating consistent, regularly scheduled social media, updating website information, blogging, video creation, podcasting, etc. and get the expertise and confidence to DO IT and/or outsource it.
    2. All of these tools are must-do’s in this 21st Century.  
  4. Differentiate yourself by having a growth mindset.
    1. Learn something new.
    2. Earn a new certification/designation.
    3. Invest your time, money and effort in your professionalism.
    4. Check out Canva/PosterMyWall for professional graphics.
    5. Check out WIX for customizable websites and blogging.
    6. Master Excel to better track your finances.
  5. Take care of yourself – NO ONE ELSE WILL!
    1. Exercise daily.
    2. Meditate daily.
    3. Visualize daily.
    4. Eat properly.
    5. Sleep properly.
    6. Treat yourself regularly with a massage, a facial, whatever makes you feel better.

Thanks to InmanNews’ Christy Murdock Edge for source ideas.

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