Don’t take your sign for granted…turn it into a mini-spoke on your lead generation wheel!

Fact: Your Real Estate Sign is a ‘Moment of Truth’…neighbors, agents, buyer and seller prospects make a snap judgement based on your sign looks!

Fact: Your Real Estate Sign is a mini-billboard full of lead generation opportunities when outfitted correctly!

How to HOT-ROD your Real Estate For Sale Sign:

1 Put only your phone number on your sign! Ideally, 1800HomeHotline with a dedicated extension. At the very least, just your mobile number, not your office number. Why? You’ve worked hard for your listing…the leads should go to YOU.

2 DO use to capture leads that you’d otherwise loose. Refer to 1800HomeHotline for more details.

3 Install a clear, weather proof home-brochure box. Stop calling your brochures ‘flyers’. Invest in decent quality paper, full color pictures, a simple but powerful description and one phone number! Make 50 extra so the home owner can easily keep the box stocked.

4 Using your 800 number and a specific extension, on the back of your brochure, advertise ‘for information on all homes available in the XYZ School district / subdivision, etc, call my home hotline!’ Become the go-to source for that area.

5 QR codes don’t work. Skip that! No double-opt-in landing pages or off shore virtual assistants ‘converting’ your leads, either!! Don’t be lazy.

6 Coming Soon signs do work!

7 Consider for reflective signs on your rural properties. This is a nice point of difference on those listing appointments!

8 Don’t have a confusing, overly busy looking sign with 3 hang down riders and 14 phone numbers, a QR code, a website and your Facebook address. Keep it simple!

9 Advertise on your sign what’s happening, especially when you make it happen fast! Coming soon  “For Sale” “Open Sunday” “Pending Sold” in less than 7 days! Etc. The neighbors ARE paying attention!

10 Call all sign calls back IMMEDIATELY!!! Remember, many are not just buyer calls, they have a home to sell first! “Which home in the neighborhood do you plan on selling?”

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