Renovation Reality: The Moment You’ve Been Waiting For…The Big Reveal!

We’re back with Episode 22 of Renovation Reality, hosted by Atlanta real estate expert Collette McDonald. After the house was cleansed by a medium to ensure positive vibrations, we are ready for the big reveal.

Friends, family and co-workers go through the house to see how it has changed. With each visitor, viewers get to see their reaction to the transformation as Collette welcomes each person.

A number of features, including sliding doors, a roomy kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances and a bright open floor plan creates an inviting living space.

“I am in shock over the space,” one visitor comments.

What was once a tight area is now a media room and family space. This gives a “taller” feel to the area and creates a bright, vibrant space.

A barn door offers a rustic touch in one bedroom, which includes a bathroom and extra washer and dryer hookup. A roomy top and separate shower space is very contemporary. Tiling in this bathroom is textured for safety and aesthetics.

John St. Martin, the contractor on the project, also makes a visit and reveals his personal feelings for the project. He pointed out that despite some rough spots, the homeowner was a pleasure to work with.

St. Martin said he is pleased with the project and looking back, wouldn’t change a thing.

“This is one of the few that I’ve really looked back and said ‘Wow. Everything is just perfect,’” he commented.

Collette notes that the project has taken a lot of time and money, but it has been worth it. The final episode? There could be more as any updates come up. She also urged everyone to share the series with anyone considering a renovation. You also can follow Collette McDonald & Associates on Facebook. Be sure to watch the entire video so you don’t miss any of the big reveal.

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