Show us your habits and we can usually predict whether you are (or will be) truly successful for the long haul!  Its easy to go right to focusing on the good habits, but ingrained good habits are usually the result of actively working to overcome the bad ones. Which truly horrible habits are you guilty of that are standing in the way of you having success? Not only do you need to constantly monitor your habits, but you’ll have to take action on them daily too! Today we talk about the next 5 habits that are killing your chances at success and how to actively squelch them for good!

Bad Habit #7 – Buying your way to success instead of earning it. When you buy leads but still haven’t mastered your scripts, follow up, presentation, objection handling or closing, you’re looking for a short cut to success that doesn’t exist.

Bad Habit #8 – Perpetually getting ready to get started, to someday possibly feel like taking action, assuming the stars are in alignment and the sun is shining on a non-holiday weekend…Did you know that it’s actually easier to take action than to hideout?  Think of how much energy you’re wasting in this cycle of avoidance!

Bad Habit #9Always being the overactive skeptic, looking for the ‘angle’, the ‘flaw’, or what makes something not work for youRather than trusting those who have walked the path before you, you question everything and insist on trying to blaze your own path.  But, at what cost?

Bad Habit #10 – Believing the ‘balance myth’; that perfect balance is more important than concentration on specific goals. When passion is more important to you than skill and follow through, you miss out on a lot of great achievements.

Bad Habit #11 – Not having strong biometric filters; being surrounded by negative reinforcement. How are you benefitting from that toxic relationship, drama on Facebook or never-ending stream of negative news?  Listen to todays podcast and we’ll give you a little free coaching tip on this!

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