After years of coaching and thousands of coaching calls, we know this: a successful business has the potential to begin each morning your feet hit the floor…so long as you have control of three very important things; your mind, body and your wallet!  Family, friends, society (and maybe even you!) have tried to convince you that you can’t control these areas, but the reality is that if you don’t control them, someone or something else will!  If you’ve been spinning your wheels, waiting for your big breakthrough, this could be the key to unlocking the momentum to your business!

The first thing you need to control is your mind.

What happens in your mind when you first wake up?  What’s your prevailing thought? Is it positive or negative?  Are you looking forward to your day with energy and enthusiasm or dread and doubt?

The answers to these questions set the tone for the day.  A consistent, positive and focused approach will get consistent and focused income!  There’s already so many challenges to your focus on a daily basis from outside sources, so you need to begin by deciding to control your mind the moment you wake up!

It’s easy to get distracted too, when the results, outcomes and commissions are delayed! The idea that you don’t get rewarded right away (ever) in this business can stop you from putting your best foot forward each day.  Once you understand your daily role, develop business maturity and a schedule, you have the chance to turn things around!  Since this is a learning process, its fine to be at a different stage than someone else, but its not Ok to have your head in the sand!

Listen to the rest of todays show as we discuss the first steps of this process in developing control over these three areas of your life.

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