It’s one of the most lucrative segments of the real estate industry — new construction. Thought to be only for the most ‘experienced’ and veteran agents, many are missing this incredible opportunity simply because they lack some basic knowledge and an action plan!

Don’t turn up your nose just because its unfamiliar. In a market like this with scarce inventory, it could be your saving grace to putting your buyers under contract. Today we talk about the what, the why and the how of building a new construction empire!

We talk about the various types of new construction listings that are possible, and more importantly, why you should care about them and how to approach each of them. From the simple newbie things you can do to start out to the more advanced investment approaches, we have something for everyone who is looking to make this the next spoke on their business wheel.

And when its rough going for buyers in finding inventory, with a New Construction spoke on your business wheel you’ll be double ending deals all over the place! That’s something to get excited about, right? Break into this segment and reach your goal in a fraction of the time by planting the seeds now for career long relationships with builders and developers who will keep listing with you!

Not knowing the New Construction offerings in your market simply because you’re not listing them can also be a detriment to your business. They are a major part of most markets across the country, so make it your business to tour them, review them, and track them now.

Listen to todays podcast and be ready to start building those relationships, listing and buyers inventory with our multi-pronged approach!

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